If That Is All It Takes; Who Cares!


Dear Readers,

If all it takes for me to get my pound of flesh is to put Uche in the family way; then who cares? The truth is no one understands how deeply hurt I am at the moment; and that is why I am asking you to give me a few minutes of your time so you can advice and possibly learn from my bitter experience.

After the death of our parents in a ghastly car accident along the Lagos Ibadan Expressway a couple of years ago; the onus fell on me to be fully responsible for my younger sister’s education. She was then in her final year in college; preparing for her secondary school certificate examinations. I did all I could to give her all the support she needed since our parents didn’t live us anything to survive with.

With the little I was earning while working at a factory in Lagos; I was able to pay my sister’s University Matriculations Examinations, and also pay her lesson fees. However, things didn’t work as planned as Morenike didn’t pass all her papers. She was devastated, and refused to be consoled until I made a promise to help her rewrite the exams again.

This time around, Chinedu who has been a friend since my secondary school days and who now lives in Port Harcourt encouraged me to register my sister for her SSCE outside Lagos. I didn’t see any harm in this since he was just like a brother to me, and was well known by my parents when they were alive. Moreover he lives in a very big apartment along with his cousin who was also preparing for the SSCE. So off to Port Harcourt Morenike went; and even though I was going to miss my sister’s absence, I saw it as a welcome development since it was for her own good.

Less I forget, Chinedu’s younger sister was during these periods living with their uncle not too far from my street. She comes to my house freely not just because she was a friend to my younger sister; but because she was very free with me. As a matter of fact, some people in the neighbourhood regard her as my sister, while others suspect her to be my girlfriend.

While I was treating Chinedu’s sister same way I treat Morenike; Chinedu was busy sleeping and getting my sister pregnant far away in Port Harcourt. I wouldn’t have discovered what was actually happening between my sister and Chinedu if not for the urgent call I received. I got a call from Chinedu’s cousin telling me how my sister was rushed to the hospital because she almost bled to death due to a D&C that went contrary to plans.

Of course, I was furious and deeply betrayed that a friend I trusted so much could do such a thing to my younger sister. What was he thinking of? Surely it couldn’t have been love because Chinedu is engaged to be married to a lady he has been dating for 4 years now.

Morenike and I are back in Lagos; of course with our lips tightly sealed having been talked to by some elderly members of Chinedu’s family who lives in Port Harcourt. As I am writing this, Chinedu’s younger sister doesn’t even know what has happened; but she would form the basis of my revenge.

She is a bit attracted to me; and I plan to take advantage of that. I plan to get her pregnant; but this time there won’t be any need for a D&C.

If you were in my shoes, would you have acted differently?



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