I Will Never Forgive Him For Doubting The Paternity Of His Child


I Will Never Forgive Him For Doubting The Paternity Of His Child

The worst thing that could happen to a woman is not to catch her husband cheating on her, but to have him doubt the paternity of his child. Ejike doubts the paternity of our only son, and he has said it to my face a number of times, and for that I may never forgive him.

I dated Ejike for 3 ½ years before we got married, and he knew I was a virgin before marrying me. As a matter of fact, we never had sex before marriage and he was the first to break my hymen.

I never dated any man after Ejike and I started seeing each other, and it hurts me so bad that my husband still doubts my faithfulness towards him. Ejike has never caught me cheating on him, but I suspect someone must have fed him with wrong stories about my lifestyle. People who don’t know you will always judge you based on what they have experienced with others in the past.

I am a very lively person who likes mixing up with people, especially guys. I have a lot of male friends, and no matter how hard I tried changing things, I still prefer to be in the company of men than with women. I find it difficult to spend time with women because I hate gossiping others. It has been my lifestyle, and my husband knew all these before he proposed to marry me.

People would judge you and call you a flirt because they always see you in the midst of guys. I remember how my husband once said he thought I was lying to him about my virginity. He thought it was all in an attempt to convince him to marry me. Being in the company of the opposite sex doesn’t make one a flirt; but the society doesn’t see things that way.

We were having a slight argument at home one night when my husband accused me of cheating on me, and asked me to take our son to his true father. I was shocked to say the least, and instantly I broke down in tears. How could someone my husband utter such a word? He said all sort of things about me. He said though, I was a virgin before he married me, but I am no longer someone he can trust. He claimed that a friend of his had told him how a particular guy has been sleeping with me.

Ejike has refused to name the person who told him I was cheating on him. It doesn’t look like the marriage is going to last because I hale from a village in the East where infidelity is a big offence. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to clear my name. My family has proposed a paternity test, and I know I will be vindicated at last. I am ready to go to any length to prove my innocence, but when this is finally over, I will never forgive him for doubting my faithfulness towards him.



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