I Wanted To Surprise Him But It Backfired!


I Wanted To Surprise Him But It Backfired!

Dear readers,

My name is Damilola, but my friends always call me Dami. I met Victor while I was doing my youth service in Dutse in Jigawa state. I won’t call what we had a fling as my intention was to go all the way with Victor, and possibly become his wife if things go as expected. Not that I didn’t have someone I was already dating before my youth service; Victor is the kind of person you want to have permanently if possible as a future partner.

I opened up to Victor by telling him I was not into a serious relationship, and was ready to settle down with him if that is what he also wants. He did tell me that someone was in his life, but nothing concrete was in the offing as at that time. The thought and fear of committing totally to someone I barely knew didn’t bother me because he looked and acted sincerely.

All through our youth service year, we never had any issue; but little did I know that I was only living in fool’s paradise. We returned to our various locations after the passing out parade and two years after, there was no sign that we were going to slow down. Victor was living in Ibadan while I was living in Port Harcourt; and occasionally he would visit, and I also did similar thing. As time went bye, we started making plans to get married since we didn’t see any reason to keep wasting time.

Victor and I had gone too far in our relationship to doubt each other; but the fact that I trusted him caused me a lot of pain.

About a month to Victor’s last birthday, I decided to do something quite different from what we were both used to. I did not only plan to buy him a special birthday present, I also made up my mind to surprise him by visiting Ibadan without telling him. This according to my friend would make him happy since Victor and I had never been together during any of such occasions. The only time we celebrated a birthday together was when we were both in Dutse, and that was about three years ago.

I bought him some perfumes, shirts, and ties as I boarded the bus from Port Harcourt to Ibadan that Friday evening after my boss had given me a two-day casual leave. I didn’t tell him I was coming; and this was based on the fact that I had secretly found out that he wouldn’t be going out on the day. I got to Ibadan very late that day, and went straight to his house where he lives only discover that he was not at home.

I decided to call his number; not to tell him I was in Ibadan but to say hi. My intention was to knock and wait for him to open the door and find me at the door; but since he wasn’t at home, I had to change my plan. The answer I got when I called his cell phone was quite shocking because Victor told me he was home. Was I dreaming or what? The door to his apartment was under lock and key, how can he be telling me he was inside? I asked him if he was sure, and he said yes, and became a bit angry because he thought I doubted him. In order to be sure, I went straight to the door a second time, and it was still locked. Then I decided to wait at a snack bar across the street not quite far from his house.

I had not quite finished ordering for a bottle of Coke and a meat pie when I saw Victor in company of another lady. I managed to calm myself, took the bottle of Coke, and walked back to Victor’s house. I knocked the door, and it was the lady I saw with him that actually opened up; and that was when I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my entire life. The woman I saw at the door was the same woman Victor was dating before he came for his youth service. He had shown me her picture on several occasions.

I greeted her and told her I was looking for Victor. Before she could say anything, Victor came out form the room and was shocked to see me. He excused the other woman, and took me outside where he apologised for wasting my time. He told me that he and the lady recently settled their differences, and were on the verge of getting married.

After his explanation, he offered to take me to a hotel so I could pass the night. In shock and disbelief, I quietly and regretfully passed the night at the hotel, and in the morning I returned back to Port Harcourt with a broken heart.

What you have just read is just a mild way of telling you what really happened to me. That night at the hotel, and my subsequent trip back to Port Harcourt were horrible because I sobbed all the way.

I am filled with bitterness and even though it all seems like a bad dream that won’t go away. The only thing keeping me going now is my plan of making his life miserable.

Do I set out to make is life hell or just walk away and pray I do meet someone else ?



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