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When we talk about Mental issues, we are simply talking about the mind.
We have taken classes on mind here on this platform so tonight we’d be more particular about Yours.

Let me say this:
Your Mind is central to your Life.
Whatever you find yourself doing have been concluded in your mind before it was acted out. Even the so called split second decisions are finessed in the mind first.

However how your mind works is a function of what it has taken in

At birth A child’s mind is an open ground, a storage room where production patterns of thoughts and action takes place.

So whatever the child will become rests largely on what the mind of the child has taken in.
Whatever the mind takes in shapes the mind. So we can say Your mind takes in everything meaningful around you and then shapes your behavior.

Put Simply, it takes your mind to restructure your mind

Now that might seem a bit confusing.
But Your mind processes what it acquires and then uses the info to restructure itself and your actions. If your mind is so central and important to you, then you must understand your Mind

Understand the state of your mind.
Don’t panic, a quick way to understand that is by examining your recent activities. Things you do.

A healthy mind is productive,
A semi healthy mind knows what to do but excuses stand in the way,
An unhealthy mind is unproductive.
Well I’d say these categories have degrees, there’s no machine to measure it but you can surely tell where you fall and the level you are.

Creating and using an MDM is about defending and upgrading your mind.
You can’t do any of that if you don’t understand your mind.
That’s the first phase. So the first step towards creating a mental defense is evaluating your Mental health.



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