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Crater a Defense Mechanism

Now you know what you are up against. You may not know how to improve your mind but you surely by now know what level you are.

At this point, donโ€™t feel bad or panic, you can always get better. But with patience.

Remember we said it takes your mind to restructure your mind.
If you had taken that first step, you are already trying to restructure your mind.
You just have to be more deliberate.

Specifically do the following

1. Identify the things you are not doing right and Traced them to the intakes that could have lead to them.
Intakes could be discussions, friends, books, movies, anything.
This time you have to think critically, and ask yourself.
What are the things you are taking in that has shaped your mind this way.

For example, I had a friend who is not so serious about life and lives the gangster way. Then whenever I was with him, he always talk about girls and life on the high side, on getting back to school I was to discover that my view of ladies always change somehow and I tend to be a little disrespectful and less serious about my work.

By implication spending days with this guy is disastrous to me.

So unplugged until I was able to defend myself
That intake has an alternative message, looK for it.

2. Create an alternative impression of that intake.

This is the most important.
Most things we take into our mind has more than one meaning, the only numbers that remains the same after turning over is 0 and 1. Itโ€™s not easy, but this time you are taking your life in your hands by engaging your mind consciously about what it takes in.

When you do this you are defending your self.
When faced with the same scenario, overcome the temptation of taking in the same message by looking for and registering an alternative message. One that is productive
Because if you havenโ€™t, you are still open to that negative action.

3. Never relent until you have registered the alternative message.
Let me give an example that can help you with this.

Sometimes ago, I had some issues with my department association and My Hod was so annoyed he made some demeaning comments on my running around.
Despite everything he said, all I saw was that he acknowledged the fact that I train people.

On reality he was saying I had no integrity, what do I know to teach others. But all I could perceive was that he called me someone who teaches others.
You have to respond to things like that.
At first itโ€™d be tough, but practice makes perfection.

4. Repeat step 3 Consistently until behavior is shaped.
The only way to get great results is by striving to get better.
Get better at getting better.


Defending your mind is good but to have great results you have to enlarge your mind.
To keep your mind Productive, you have to deliberately take actions that will enlarge you.

By implication learn deliberately

Learn with the aim of improving yourself, Read self help books, Watch videos.

Act out what youโ€™ve learnt, so as to enhance your productivity.

One final word.

Donโ€™t stop until you stop breathing

Look for the message in every situation.
Note: Avoid Bad intakes until you can handle it. Donโ€™t take more than you can handle.
Keep doing it and your productivity will soar.

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