How My Love For Her Turned To Hate In One Day


They say there is a thin line between life and death; I think it applies to love and hate too because that was what happened to me.

Dear readers, my name is Daniel, and my story is one that everyone out there should learn from. Even though, it’s not one of those things that happens everyday, I still believe there are people going through similar problems.

When it comes to loving a woman, I give my all; I don’t hold back. I have not had so many relationships in the past; but the few I have had are ones I will treasure for the rest of my life. Well, not all actually because the woman I just showed the door out of my life is not one whose memory is to be treasured forever. As a matter of fact, I want to consign memories of hers into the dustbin as soon as I am through with this writing. However, it will remain a great lesson for me for the rest of my life.

Maybe she was badly influenced or misled into taking the decision she took; but does it really matter now? Does it matter if anyone advised Bisi to go the way of other desperate women who would stop at nothing until they charm a man into getting married to them? What happens to natural love? After all, she didn’t come to me; I went to her; so why did she try to charm me with love portion?

Yes everyone describes Bisi as a woman that is faithful to me in terms of the way she treats and talks about me. According to my friends, and a couple of my family members; she would do anything to make me happy.

I met Bisi when I went to the bank to make some withdrawals some 3 years ago in Abuja. It was the first time I was using that particular branch for my withdrawal, and the fact that I was making a large withdrawal meant that I needed to wait a little bit to get my money. When I was finally called to come behind the counter to cash my money, I saw this very attractive and sexy lady sitting behind a desk. We greeted, and that was all at least for that day.

That was not the last time I made withdrawals at that particular branch as it became my favourite all because of Bisi. I was able to get hold of Bisi’s business card, which means I could also call her anytime I wanted to. I asked her out on a date for a couple of times before she finally agreed. Though, she was in a relationship with someone else at that time, I never gave up until I became the only man in her life.

I have been faithful to Bisi in every way I could possibly be; and I made sure se never lacked anything.

Though, she wanted to settle down one year after we started dating, I didn’t see any reason to be in a hurry. To be honest, she exhibited all the visible qualities a man would want in a woman; it’s just that I wanted us to wait a little more so I could complete my building project.

Three years after we started dating each other, we finally agreed on a date to get married. Bisi and I finally got married at an elaborate wedding ceremony that brought a lot of people together.

Things were going fine right from the onset, and we couldn’t have wished for a better start to marital life than the one God gave to us. However, I made a shocking discovery eight months after we got married.

I got back home from a business trip to Gabon where I went to tie up a small deal with some friends. Bisi had already sent me a sms that she was on her way home from work. I was actually supposed to pick her up so we could head home together, but the traffic to her place of work was something else that evening; and so I went straight home.

On getting home, I made a shocking discovery that made me motionless for a couple of minutes. On the floor was a little brown calabash and some fetish stuffs inside of it. I was shocked when I saw it because Bisi was the kind of woman who condemns things like that; so I was surprised to see such a thing in our bedroom. It was not until I moved closer to the calabash that I saw something that really made me shiver; my name was written on a piece of paper!

Written on the piece of paper along with my name were some incantations. The ones I could read and understand immediately were words that says “Daniel the son of Omolola (my mother’s name), you shall not be able to love another woman except Bisi the daughter of Adejoke (Bisi’s mother).” This was written in Yoruba language.

Instantly I discovered that the love I had for her waxed cold, and tears started rolling down my cheeks. Why didn’t I make this discovery before we got married? Who knows what she would have put in my food and drinks all these while?

Not quite long, she came straight into the room as soon as she got back from work. When she saw me sitting in front of those fetish stuffs and calabash, she started crying and went straight on her kneels. I asked her to pack her things and live my life and house before the end of the week. I also moved out of our bedroom, and passed the night in the guestroom.

Of course, she has left with her things, but she has not stopped sending people to plead on her behalf. She looks like a piece of rubbish in my eyes; and I am not sure if I could ever hate anyone as much as I hate her now.




  1. I believe she did it out of love. African women are more insecure and not well trained to develop love; so revert to fetish means. Which by no means works. Find it in your heart to love her and take her back, if you can


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