Fali,Your Dad May Have All The Connection, But I Will Be Vindicated At Last!


I pray you never fall for a woman who is her rich father’s favourite because that was the reason why my marriage crashed!

Dear readers, I married or I am about being divorced from a woman who still doesn’t know how to separate herself from her father, and wants her husband to be an extension of her dad’s conquest.

My name is Emmanuel, Fali and I got married 6 years ago after only courting for 5 weeks. Fali and I started out at enemies, but later became friends before we eventually got married. I guess you will find that funny and strange too; but that is exactly the truth.

I was driving home from work one very busy Monday evening when her car hit mine from the rear. It was not a funny scene as I immediately alighted from my car and went straight to find out what had happened; and then I saw this charming lady beaming with smile and asking me how much it would cost to fix it. I was shocked and embarrassed at such rudeness; at least she should have apologised or show some remorse because it could have happened to anyone. Well, she just asked me to give drive along with her to the nearest ATM machine so she could pay me whatever it would cost to fix it. Of course, this made me furious and I asked her who she thought she was! The damage was minor, but even if it was major, I wouldn’t have asked her to fix it.

Anyway, we were able to iron out our differences with the help of other motorists who had by that time gathered to persuade us to leave the road. She eventually apologised and left me with her complimentary card and 4 or 5months later, we got married.

I didn’t get married to her because her father is one of the most influential persons in Lagos; but because I thought what I felt for her and what she felt for me was strong at that time. The marriage was a mistake from the beginning and was one that shouldn’t have been in the first place. It was a terrible mistake because I knew I could have married someone better. Virtually everyone in Fali’s family wants to have a say in the way my would-be ex wife ran our home. They complained about everything we did, and none of my opinion stood while we were living together.

One of the most stupid mistakes I ever made in my life was to relocate to from my house to an apartment owned by my father in-law; it was naive of me at that time. I was asked by her father to vacate the house within 3 weeks after divorce proceeding was initiated by Fali. It was a hell of a marriage, and thank God it is over.

The father has been going about making and issuing all kinds of threats. We have a 4 year old daughter in between the two of us, and the father wants me to stay away from her. I wonder how that can be possible since I remain the biological father of the girl. I have spoken to my attorney and he advised that we go for a paternity test before taking any action or step.  Now that is where the problem lies again because Fali’s father is enraged because he thinks I am suggesting that her daughter has been sleeping around. All the man wants to do is intimidate me, but my attorney keeps telling me that I should stand firm and not be intimidated.

I am just frustrated with the whole issue; how can I also forgo my daughter?



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