Mum It Doesn’t Matter Where And How We Met-What Matters Is Love


I have never been a bad girl all my life. I stay away from parties, I do most of the house chores, and I am always the first to go to church on Sunday. My mum loves me so much, and would do whatever it takes to protect or guide me in her own special way. Well she took her care and protection to a different level entirely after the death of my father. She would monitor my movements, tell me not to date this or that person, and even choose the course I filled in my UME form. I mean my mum was that close to me; but things just won’t continue that way forever.

My name is Mona and I am from the south-south. I am the first child and only daughter of my parents. My dad died some years ago after an operation was performed on him. His death really shook me beyond recovery; well not until my mum started showering us with love and affection did things improved in the family. Mum did her best to help us recover from the loss of our father; but things were not that easy actually.

There was this guy I met on Facebook a couple of years before the death of my dad. This guy was very caring, and understanding during our mourning period, and this really endeared me to him a lot. For two years I never met him; not even once. Our friendship never developed beyond the internet even though he wanted me to visit him on so many times. When I turned 23, I got a surprise visit from Dennis who paid me a visit. That was the first time we were meeting physically, and surely not the last time even though mummy didn’t like him.

Though, the idea of telling people or introducing Dennis to my friends and brothers as my boyfriend that I met on Facebook sounded funny; I was excited all the same. Dennis and I became very close and it didn’t take me long before I started visiting his house. His family members were nice to me the first time I went to their house, and this really encouraged me to give the relationship my best shot.

While the relationship was developing, my mum was swearing and doing everything she could to stop me from seeing him. She threatened to report me to my uncle who every one of us fears so much. Of course, this didn’t deter me as I was able to convince my uncle that Dennis is not the type of man mum think he is. Though, he made a couple of negative remarks about how people have been dealt with on social media sites; but decided it would be wise to trust my decision especially since Dennis and I have been friends for years.

My uncle and my brothers seem to have given their approvals; but mum is still sticking to her gun. The thing is my mum and I are so close that it is so difficult to ignore her worries. She has been right on so many occasions in the past; but it’s just that I don’t want to agree with her view on this one. I really want her to give me her approval so things can go well for Dennis and I.

Moreover, Dennis and I are not even talking or thinking about marriage now; so it makes me wonder why mum is so adamant.

What should I do?



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