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Unanswered Questions

Can There Ever Be A Happy Home Without Money?

1 Mins read

Money is so essential that most people would rather forfeit their rights and privileges in order to earn a living. Nonetheless, some have argued that it is still possible to have a happy and peaceful home without money—that couples can live happily without being able to afford some of the basic necessities of life. If this is true, then it means that being able to provide some basic things of life such as foods, clothes, and to some extent, paying a child’s school fees make a happy marriage. On the other hand, a man’s inability to provide some basic social amenities such as television, cable facilities, take the wife and kids out on picnics, etc, is no longer compulsory to have a happy home.

This brings us to the question of the day, which is: can there ever be a happy home without money? Can couples conveniently soak and overcome any pressure from kids, especially when it comes to providing them with some of their demands? Can a man comfortably and confidently ignore a woman’s consistent demands for certain basic things in marriage?

As a woman can you enjoy and be happy in your marriage if your husband is unable to provide you with most of the things needed to measure up with your friends and colleagues in the office?

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