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Unanswered Questions

Can Looking At Another Woman Lustfully Be Regarded As Cheating?

1 Mins read

I have seen and heard cheating on one’s partner defined in different terms by different people. Some are of the view that a man is not a cheat until he was caught sleeping with another woman. However, some are of the view that looking lustfully at another woman is enough to classify a man as a cheat. The latter believes that cheating by whatever means should not be condoned, and could be enough ground to break a relationship. Well this is quite debatable because most men won’t subscribe to that view. So can looking at another woman lustfully be regarded as cheating on one’s spouse?

Do you always feel the guilt in your mind whenever you cast a carefree glance at a woman’s bum or shape even as a married man? Women too are not left out because we all have eyes and sometimes we feel the urge to admire someone we feel is attractive to us. So does this indicate that we are being unfaithful to your partner?

Can a lady prove that her husband is cheating on her because she caught him looking at another lady? Is this enough ground to call your partner a cheat?

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