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Unanswered Questions

Life is Unfair

1 Mins read

Life is Unfair.

Sometimes life is so cruel,
Success is illusive, just like an eel,
You gamble everything, trying to fulfill,
You dreamt of heaven, but trapped in hell.

Why life? Ah! You’re so unfair
I did my best, and I played fair,
The twin of life, I often fear,
I trusted God, with a silent pray’r.

But I doubt sometimes, if they could hear
The sighs and pleas, and my soundless tear
My blood’s drifting, like a wounded deer
I wonder if they’re aware.

How I regret that I was born,
When to live, it seems all wrong
All the sacrifices and all aspirations
The price I got is a crown of thorns.

Heavens forbid, can’t bear anymore
All the sufferings and all the tortures
Drinking my blood, is this my role?
When does it end, when breathe no more?

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