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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Cohabit With Your Partner

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Cohabiting for those who may not really understand the term is a situation where two people (usually male and female) live together as husband and wife when they are in actual sense not legally married. In other words, they do everything in common and act as if they are married. This normally occurs in a place where relatives of both parties live far off; usually in the universities or polytechnics or colleges of education in Nigeria and other countries.

In Nigeria, some undergraduates live with their partners as legally married couples. In this circumstance, the only difference is that the couples have not been legally joined together by a marriage registry. As a matter of fact, so much secrecy is always involved in this as the couples try as much as they can to keep it away from their parents or relatives.

Here are five reasons why you should never cohabit with your partner:

  1. You could be selling yourself cheaply: This is one area where most ladies who cohabit miss the point; and as a matter of fact, they (ladies) are always at the receiving end of such relationship as their partners get bored and starts playing a fast one on them.
  2. Cohabitation has no legal backing: You are not protected by the law in case anything happens. Your partner could wake up one day and decides to kick you out without any compensation.
  3. It could end up being a waste of time: Cohabitation is often a waste of time as 70% or more couples who get involved in it have had to abandon the “union” under flimsy excuses. Some couples suddenly discovered that they have been in the wrong relationship all the while.
  4. It gives ground for abuse: Cohabitation encourages abuse in relationship, especially for the female. Your partner could start subjecting you to all kinds of abuses and control in order to protect his interest.
  5. Your partner could be using you achieve other aims: This often occurs in school. Your partner could have a relationship he or she is keeping away from your knowledge. He or she only sees you as a means of surviving the hard time in school. In this case, one of the parties in the affair sees the other as his/her means of surviving.

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