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Would You Take Side With Your Wife Should There Be An Argument Involving Your Parent?

1 Mins read

Would You Take Side With Your Wife Should There Be An Argument Involving Your Parent?

During arguments, emotions usually run high, and caution sometimes can be thrown to the dogs in order to drive home our points. Regardless of whom we have standing before us, we sometimes lose it and say all kinds of words we may end up regretting later in life. One careless mistake in supporting the wrong person can create more problems than expected. Mothers have their roles in our lives and so do wives; but sometimes we are faced with difficult choice, which we may have to make.

Arguments in marriage are inevitable; and as a matter of fact, they sometimes make for a lasting relationship between couples. Having said that, there are certain arguments that may require you to take side and declare your stand. If such an argument concerns standing for or against two people that matter in your life; what would you do? Would you take side with your wife in a heated argument? Would you take side with your mother during a heated argument?

Can you look straight into your mother’s eyes and tell her she is wrong just to please your wife? Would you do similar thing to your wife by looking straight into her eyes just to please your mother?


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