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Unanswered Questions

Would You Disgrace Your Partner Publicly Even If You Caught Her Cheating On You?

1 Mins read

A man can lose control of himself and let all hell broke loose if he catches his wife cheating on him. This also goes for ladies too. I mean one of the most painful things that can happen to anyone in marriage is when the other person cheats or plays a fast one. This could lead to all kinds of funny or unpleasant situations or reactions on the part of the victim. Some men have gone as far as disgracing their partners in the public, while some have simply walked out of the place and moved on with their lives; though not without deep emotional pain and trauma. If you found yourself in such a situation, what would your reaction be?
Would you call the attention of everyone around to come and witness what has happened? Would you expose her by creating a scene?
Women are known to react more emotionally and angrily in such situations. As a woman how would you react? Would you engage your lover and the other woman in physical combat? Would you rather consider your status or that of your husband by walking quietly away?

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