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Would You Call Off Your Wedding If You Discovered That Your Partner Had A Child Without Telling You?

1 Mins read

Would You Call Off Your Wedding If You Discovered That Your Partner Had A Child Without Telling You?

There are certain things that happen in a relationship. People believe that you can’t actually tell your partner everything about you straight away .There is always  at least one little secret tucked away in one corner of your heart which you may share when you are finally comfortable to do so or maybe never even share at all. But what will you do if the person finally came clean a day before you wedding, just to get it out in the open and share the secret .

Would you call off your wedding if you discovered that your partner had a child without telling you about it? Better still, If you found out on the eve of your wedding that your partner’s best kept secret was a child he/she had while in school; would you call it quits immediately?

I know it is a tough one to call. Life as you know is full of uncertainties and things could change within a twinkle of an eye. Sometimes, a decision has to be made on the spot, and such a decision could affect you one way or another.

If it happens to you, what would you do? Would you look straight into your partner’s eyes and call it quits or would you go ahead regardless of what has happened; after all, to ere is human, and to forgive is divine as they always say these days.


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