_the devils that cannot but abuse

All we have to do is watch! These devils are everywhere close, seeking for nieces to devour. Let’s talk of the large percentage of uncles that have turned demons in the hearts of their nieces. Mum’s brothers and dad’s brothers that come to the house to visit and lick “it”.  If we listen to the stories of many young and old women out there, a very large percentage have been abused by a relative or brother in the street, mostly uncles.


Aliya is another one, of the many victims outside there who trusted a relative and was ruined. Aliya is another victim who has become so paranoid as a result of the ugly experience with a bad uncle. Let’s hear from Aliya:


“My parents used to live in a three bedroom apartment in Lagos, both of them had businesses they run, here in Lagos and also in Kaduna where they come from. When it is the sixth month, every member of the family would travel to Kaduna for vacation, the three children including me would return to Lagos with our dad’s brother while our parents stay one or two months more in Kaduna. We were supposed to go to school in dad’s car driven by the driver while our uncle go oversee dad’s shops that are in Lagos.

Unfortunately, my parents trusted Uncle KB a lot, and he really did mess me up with that. Every night when our parents were away, he would put my younger brothers in the guest room and come sleep on the bed with me. I was eight when the touches started, then, he would always threaten me not to mention to anyone whatever he does to me. He said Allah would punish me and I will not make Alujanah if I told anyone about any of his deeds. I was really scared but did give signs to my mother, I used to refuse his plays during the day and stay away from him. Whenever I see him visit our house again, my stomach will lurch. Until a time came, I began to yearn for his touches and like his company.


Whenever our parents were around, KB would tell my mum he wanted to help me with my assignments in the children’s room. It seemed he was so engulfed in those feelings just like me. At eighteen, I had already fallen in love with my uncle, always sought for intercourse with him, thinking of everything we had even in classes. These touches and commitments continued for years and none of my parents got to know. They noticed I was always over him and would laugh saying he was such a nice brother. Until KB got married and moved out of town.  There was no one to satisfy those urges and I started touching my own brother in the middle of the nights. My parents caught me and took me away from home. I was brought to this Alfa to do cooking for his wife, learn arabics  from him and live with his family. I stopped going to school and stopped dreaming of making it big. Later, Alfa took me in as fourth wife and paid my dowry.

It’s been years, but I still love and yearn for KB’s touches. Alfa has not been able to meet the standards he raised when I was very little.