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Who Is At Fault When A 13 Year-Old Girl Comes Home Pregnant; The Mother Or The Father?

1 Mins read

Who Is At Fault When A 13 Year-Old Girl Comes Home Pregnant; The Mother Or The Father?

These days a lot of strange things happen and we see girls getting pregnant even at 13 or thereabout. This is absurd and shows how morally bankrupt our society has become. Suddenly everyone starts trading blame. The mother starts beating and torturing the child in order to get the truth out of her. “Whose pregnancy are you carrying?” That is the common question you hear parents ask the child. The question is; whose fault is it that a girl who barely knows her right from her left comes back home with a baby in her womb? Is it the father who goes out all day in search of what the family would eat or the mother whose duty it is to support the husband?

How do you handle such a situation  and who is to blame ? Is the 13 year-old girl at fault for allowing a man put her in the family way? Or is it the clueless boy responsible for putting her in the family way  to carry most of the blame? Or are all parties to the problem at fault and should share the blame equally?

Who really is at fault in a situation as terrible as this?

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