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What Sacrifice Can You And Have You Made For Love?

1 Mins read

What Sacrifice Can You And Have You Made For Love?

Love is like or actually a feeling that can sometimes not be expressed in words. Sometimes words are rarely eloquent enough to convince the other person of our genuine feelings. When it hits you, you have no power to either control or wish it away. It drives us to a do a lot of “crazy” things―things that sometimes can’t be explained or understood by those around us.

When it comes to love, a lot of us have done some “silly” things. We all have our dirty little secrets, and when we look back, we just laughed and wished we either never did certain things or express satisfaction for doing them.

What sacrifice have you made for love before? What extent are you prepared to go to prove how much you love your partner? Some guys have been seen on social media sites proposing to their partner, is this an act of love or simply an act of showmanship?

We sacrifice our pride, comfort, peace, and happiness just to make the other person happy; but is there anything wrong to go overboard sometimes?

When does an expression of love towards the other person become extraordinarily out of place?

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