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Unanswered Questions

What Makes One A Gold Digger?

1 Mins read


Who is a gold digger and what exactly makes one to be tagged a gold digger? Have you ever been called or referred to as a gold digger?

Like it or not, this is one of the most controversial issues burning in the minds of a lot of people in a relationship. Guys from not-so rich or influential families are sometimes addressed or washed down by parents or friends of some rich ladies because they have a feeling that someone is trying to play or act funny. Be that as it may, not everyone has a bad intention.

Love as you know does not know colour or tribe or rich or poor; when cupid strikes, it doesn’t hold back. However, our desire to protect our loved ones could lead us into different conclusions. Some of us could out of desperation, do some funny things to separate two supposedly happy couples; warning our loved ones of the dire consequences of marrying from a particular family because we feel we are of a higher class. It has happened to a lot of people in the past, and some are right about now facing similar issues.

What really makes one a gold digger?

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