Things I Want


I want to see the radiant lights of the world
I want to give a smile to every boy and girl
I want to look into the sky and see my dreams floating by
I want to comfort innocent people who feel the need to cry
I want to sail my ship to the heavens up above
I want to hear the angels sing sweet songs of love
I want to know I’m always safe in God’s powerful embrace
And that he’ll always be there to wipe the teardrop on my face
I want to know that every child has love to keep them warm
And that a beautiful rainbow will always follow a horrible storm
I want to feel the crisp air blowing through the trees
I want to climb the highest mountain and sail the Seven Seas
I want to be a role model, a good daughter, and good friend
I want to make a difference when a heart is in need to mend
I want to lie under the stars and see a miracle appear
I want to live one single day without a trace of fear
If there is a secret garden, I want to find the key
But most of all I want to be the best person I can be


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