She Has Been Diagnosed Of Stage 2 Cancer-Yet She Is Emotionally Stronger


Labake the love of my life was recently diagnosed of stage 2 cancer by a doctor, and all she wants me to do is to remain strong and be there for her. She thinks it is easy to live a normal couple’s life without feeling sorry for her. I mean how can that be possible? How can a woman I dated for 6 years and right through the university before we got married not want me to pity her condition?

Dear readers I seriously want to know if it is normal not to pity people suffering from cancer. It is crazy and absurd to think and hear people say or advice me not to pity someone who has been diagnosed of a terminal illness. How can I not feel the way I am feeling right now when in few months or year’s time I will be without Labake?

I have a right to feel sorry for myself because all my life I have not been able to love another woman. Where do I start from? What about the kids, who will love them the same way Labake does? How can I not feel for a woman who along with her husband saved money for many years in order to build a gigantic edifice; the one we now live in?

Labake, seriously I can’t and don’t understand how you expect me not to pity you when I see you in pains? I can’t understand why it had to be you and not me? I thought it is always the husband that departs this world before it gets to the turn of the wife? At the rate my heart pants, I feel like my heart could stop beating before death snatches you away from me.

I met Labake on one of those days when the only thing that mattered to me was to be loved. She accepted my love advances without even giving it a second thought; and the first thing I thought was that she was cheap. Of course, she wasn’t cheap; it was fate that brought the two of us together. We became very good friends, and later became lovers before we eventually got married 6 years after. There was not a single sign to show that she won’t be with me forever. How could it that be that the love of my life is now diagnosed with stage 2 cancer?

Labake says I shouldn’t feel for her or pity her; but I need help because I simply don’t know how to go about this. The last time I went to see a counsellor to help me out; all he was saying were just beyond things I could practically do. Some counsellors or psychologists think it is that easy to do certain things; well not when it has to do with pretending that you are not bothered about the impending death of a loved one.

I love Labake so much, but I have resigned to fate that she will soon depart from me; but can someone please tell me how not to pity her because that is what she wants?



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