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One Step Too Far-The Rape That Refuses To Wear Off My Memory

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Sometimes you just have to own up or face the consequences of your actions in life. When certain traits or habits are not nipped in the bud during their elementary stages, they could turn up later in life to hurt us.

Dear readers, what I am about to share with you is not something I am proud of even though it brought me a lot of pleasure and happiness while I was committing the acts. I was a part of a notorious group of people who derived a lot of pleasure from raping and sexually harassing girls. We specialised in raping those ladies who were in the habits of dressing seductively and who love messing up guys just because they asked them out.

When I relocated from that neighbourhood to stay with my uncle in Benin, I was already neck-deep in such act, and it was difficult to sleep with a woman without forcing her against her will. I did this on several occasions without any remorse since it brought me a lot of satisfaction even though momentary. Moreover it gave me sense of pride to brag about the number of girls I had forcefully slept with.

Sometimes it could take up to a couple of weeks and even months before I get a girl to forcefully sleep with. I knew this was not going to last because someone might catch me or report me to the police. Though the thought of being infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections during the course of my actions never bothered me, I must admit that I have had to treat myself of some of these diseases.

As with anything in life, there is an end; and that was what happened when the thought of going after girls coming back from church on crossover night ran through my mind one Christmas eve. I didn’t shrug the thought off since it was close to 4 or 5 weeks since I last had sex with a girl. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to use the watch night or crossover night to my good advantage; and that was exactly what I did.

I waited until after one of the biggest churches had closed that night before my partner in crime and I struck. Sadly, the unfortunate girl was one who looked decent and was walking and singing as she walked along the quiet but dark road towards her destination. We grabbed her as she screamed and started praying that we should not hurt her. At that time, a lot few people walking along that location had started fleeing for their safety. We took turn to rape the girl, and set her free as soon as we were done with her.

That was the last time I ever raped a woman because my conscience has never stopped pricking me sine then. The thought of that innocent girl screaming and pleading that we let her go has not stopped hunting me since that time. We must have caused her a lot of pain because she was a virgin, and even though she was not the first one; the thought of it simply can’t stop hunting me. The thought of the name she kept calling continue to torment my soul every night and all through the day. While we were raping her, she kept calling Jesus and pleading with us to stop.

I thought it was one rape that we took too far because it seems I have lost my sanity and peace. The devil pushed me to rape someone who was coming from the church, but he is not able to defend me from the emotional trauma that resulted from that act.

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