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I met Dimeji at a colleague’s wedding and was captivated by his good looks and charming character. It was flattering how he was so attentive and wanted to be with me. We started dating soon after and I was truly smitten.

Dimeji treated me like a princess when we were out on dates. Things between us started getting serious and we became more intimate physically. But it got to a point when he wasn’t interested in just cuddling anymore. Before things went further, I always pushed him away as I wanted to save my special moment for my marriage.

One day, I got an SMS from him saying he wanted to end our relationship because he didn’t feel loved. I was flabbergasted and upset. I was crazy about Dimeji and I didn’t want to lose him. I thought I had put in so much into this relationship… I had even lent him money to help him tide over his recent unemployment. Sex was the only thing I said no to.

So I texted Dimeji to tell him how much he meant to me. He replied and insisted I prove my love to him by taking a sexy selfie of myself just for him. I did it without much thought; I put on my sexiest lingerie and took a photo of myself and sent it to him. Dimeji replied and said he’s very pleased by what he saw.
Over the next few weeks, I sent numerous photos of myself to Dimeji, many clad in my underwear and some in various states of undress, in order to satisfy him. Now thinking back, I must have been blinded by my feelings for him as all I remembered caring about was making him happy.

Then the day came when Dimeji messaged me and insisted I prove my love to him by taking a nude selfie of myself just for him…

Call me naive or stupid, but I did just that, even though in my heart I knew it was wrong; sexy pics were one thing but a nude photo… what if the photos leaked out to other people? But I sent him exactly what he asked for; a mirror selfie of my body completely naked. I told myself that it was just for his gratification, which Dimeji promised, since he wanted to respect my wishes of sex only after marriage.
But Dimeji wasn’t happy with just one picture. When we were alone together, he’d make me pose for him as he took snaps on his mobile phone of me in compromising positions. I trusted Dimeji and wanted to please him. So I didn’t think much of it even when he pushed me to the next level – taking indecent videos of me in simulated sexual acts.
It was all good until Dimeji called me a tease one day and again insisted I go ‘all the way’ with him. It broke my heart that my boyfriend still wanted sex despite everything else I’d done for him. He had already took most of my savings because he had remained jobless.
I stood my ground and rejected him firmly. Angry that I wasn’t giving in to him, Dimeji then threatened to send out the pictures he took to everyone who knew me: My co-workers. My bosses. My family. All our friends.

It was then that I realised Dimeji was no Prince Charming, but a devil in disguise. He constantly pestered me for sex, warning that if I didn’t give in to his requests soon he would post my naked pictures on the Internet for all to see.

He was a monster who broke my heart, took my hard-earned money, shattered my self-confidence and destroyed my trust. I was sad and frightened, only confiding in my best friend after she confronted me about my drastic weight loss and depression. She accompanied me to lodge an official police report, with Dimeji’s abusive SMS threats as evidence of extortion and blackmail.

Dimeji was subsequently arrested and the photos were destroyed. I never got my money back but I learnt a very valuable life lesson and will never again be so foolish.

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