My Mother Blames Me for Every Misfortune That Has Befallen Her

Iyandasdiary - My Mother blames me for every misfortune that has befallen her

Life for me is becoming unbearable and it’s worse because the place I’m supposed to find succor is where I am getting all the hit from.

We recently moved back from Namibia to Lagos. My father left us to get married to some other lady in Namibia and I heard that they are now in Greece.

Settling down here in Nigeria has been challenging for us (three kids and my mother). Having to find a good accommodation, securing a job and every other thing in general has been really tasking.

I understand the fact that my mother is doing the best for us, so I don’t bother to ask for anything other than what I need, and whenever I do that, it’s always curses, blaming me the job she lost while pregnant with me, even for the separation with my father, and everything she’s going through.

Whenever she does this I just excuse myself and withdraw into my shell but the effect it has on me leaves me devastated and broken.

I was able to make some money off hair making and got the entrance form to Lagos State University and when the results were released, I came out with a great result and subsequently granted admission, but I do not know how to tell her, because I know that what will follow whenever I tell her will be the story of my life.


  1. Not sure I get your Mom….she’s free from a loser husband(sorry)& needs to focus on her kids but know this the yelling & cursing isn’t to you at all…she’s just trying to get out the rage,she’ll get over him @ some point…hope you guys do well and make her happy someday….best wishes.


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