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My Husband Has Low Sperm Count

1 Mins read

lowI met my husband as a chaste man, loving and a very good and God loving Christian. I fell in love with his personality and character, so we got married.

After trying for babies for about two years and there was no positive result I suggested that we went to see a doctor which he agreed to.

It was discovered that nothing is wrong with me, but my husband on the other hand was said to have low sperm count.

While driving home, he seemed to worry less, and just said God is in control. “Is that all he would say after this revelation?” I thought to myself.

On getting home, I tried to initiate a conversation on the issue and he apologetically told me he needed to be alone to clear his head, but I insisted he will do that after the conversation, in the end we didn’t get to talk and since then he’s been avoiding every discussion on the issue, always saying “God is in control”.

I’m about taking a drastic and unpalatable decision if he doesn’t seek medical help in a month.

Should I go ahead?

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