My Brother’s Fiancée Started Acting Strange After Her Ex Returned From The US


Show enough love to a dog and you are guaranteed to get loads of love in return. The reverse is always the case when it comes to ladies because they are Judas’ incarnate…

Clara was left with fractured and broken heart when my brother started dating her two years ago. The relationship soon blossomed into one of the most talked about amongst every member of both families.

No one ever thought Clara would ever find happiness again after Jimi stopped picking her calls while in the US. She was in a sorry state considering the fact that she had been dating Jimi since she was in secondary school. The last she heard from Jimi was a chat asking her not to expect any more mails or phone calls from him. According to the story Clara told us, Jimi asked for a breakup since he was no longer in love with her.

You could forgive her for taking so long before saying yes to Kolade, my elder brother—she was only being careful and hoping that Jimi would change his mind. Time went on and Jimi never changed his mind, and Clara and my brother started dating.

Two years after saying yes to that relationship, and with wedding plans well in motion; Clara has started acting funny because Jimi is back and wants a reconciliation.

She says she is no longer sure if she wants to go ahead with the wedding, and wants my brother to suspend all arrangements. She is asking my family to give her some time to think about things. Women are simply unpredictable and unstable in their ways.

It is obvious she still loves Jimi; but how dare she wastes my brother’s time all these years? My brother has sunk so much into the wedding, and that is even nothing compared to the emotional trauma he is going through.

Personally I would have advised my brother to call off the wedding and free the lady; but my brother says it is not as easy as that. Honestly it is not as easy as that, but I am not sure he has the nerves to deal with a cheating wife because Clara can’t take her mind off Jimi.

I have given him my candid advice, but he thinks he still has a chance to convince the lady to stay with him. I think what Clara feels for my brother is pity and not true love; but Kolade is too blind to see things clearly.

Anyone out there has something better to offer to Kolade in terms of advice?


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