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My Boss Pulls Off His Wedding Ring Every time He Wants To Sleep With Me

2 Mins read

My boss and I have been dating for close to four years now, and anytime he wants to make love to me in our secret hotel room, he pulls of his ring. This has been going on for years and one day I decided to ask him the reason for this. Although it took him several months before he could offer me an answer, he eventually did a few days back and I thought he was being hypocritical about his behaviour.

After dribbling me for so many months, he eventually told me that the reason he normally pulls off his wedding ring each time we make love is to show some respect for his wife. I didn’t find it funny because here is a man who is cheating on his wife claiming he has respect for her because he pulls off his wedding ring any time he wants to make love to his mistress. I knew he was using me to satisfy his sexual pleasure; but I feel offended by this stupid answer.

First, I only asked him why he was pulling off his wedding ring since I felt it was risky; what if he misplaces it or forgets to put it back on and his wife finds out.

For those who might want to come down hard on me for allowing my boss sleep with me; you just have to pray that you don’t find yourself in my position. Not every lady who sleeps with their bosses does so willingly. I had to choose between losing my job and retaining it with a big fat salary. I have been in the labour market for years without getting a job of my dream. You need to find out what so many ladies go through just to land or retain their dream jobs.

Call it a kind of revelation, the truth is that some ladies desperately open their legs and sleep with their bosses in order to land or retain their dream job. I knew a day would come when I would have to choose between my job and my reputation as a responsible woman; the unemployment situation in the country is in such a mess. I lost count of how many men that wanted to have a go at my ‘honeypot’ during the course of my looking for job. I did open my legs a couple of times; but where did it land me? I was scammed, lied to, betrayed, and even ‘raped’ (not rape in the sense of it, but what do you call sleeping with a man out of your own will?); but all these are my little secrets.

Whether he pulls his ring off or not, it doesn’t change the fact that he is a hypocrite; and a shameless one at that…

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