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Molested At Age 10-The Story Of How My Uncle Turned Me Into A Sex Maniac

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Molested At Age 10-The Story Of How My Uncle Turned Me Into A Sex Maniac

It is not every time you have an opportunity to remember something that happened to you when you were just 10 years old. However, when an event or experience you have never suffered or being through before is what you are talking about; then it is unforgettable.

I grew up in a remote village somewhere in Monrovia the capital of Liberia. I was not so lucky because I was born in an environment where there were more men than women; and so it meant that I had to start doing a lot of domestic activities even at a very tender age. Some of these activities also exposed me to a lot of things that were far ahead of my age and experience; you could call it child abuse if you like.

At age 9, I already knew how to boil and prepare rice, prepare pap, and do a couple of things girls of my age couldn’t do. I was a bit too matured for my age, and my size was also a factor that made a lot of people take me for a 13 or 14 year old girl. When I turned 10, I was already seeing men having sex in the same room where I used to sleep in those days. The things I saw and heard influenced my life negatively because it gave my uncle an opportunity to easily manipulate me.

The first time he forcefully had sex with me, I felt like I was going to die. I almost bled to death, and the pain was so unbearable that I almost gave up the ghost. He did it so many times after that time; and even though I was scared and didn’t want to, he overpowered me on every occasion. He was not the only man who molested and abused me at my very young age; even a few other men had their way until my aunty came to take me to live with her.

By the time my aunty came to pick me to the city, I was already a spoilt child who was already seeing the commercial part of sex. I saw the city as an opportunity not only to go to school, but to earn some money. I would watch a lot of porn movies, learn a lot of sex styles, and put them into practice by the time a man comes to take me out.

I don’t feel remorse for what has happened in my life; but I do feel deep down hatred towards my uncle. He talks about his daughters with so much pride, and each time he does this, I just lay curses on him. I feel like a nymphomaniac with no regret each time I sleep with a man. My major headache is my uncle and the way he condemns other people’s daughters. He blames parents for their inability to take care of their daughters. He dares to play the saint even around me; and this makes me feel like killing him.

I also feel like telling my aunty some day since I no longer have a mum and a dad. Both of them died a couple of years back. I feel lost and miserable in this life and with no one to turn to for help. Who would even believe that a man of such moral high standard would do a thing like that to a little girl? The worst part of it is that my uncle joins others in calling me a slut each time I was caught going out with a guy.

The only proves I have of being molested by my uncle at 8 are the emotional trauma and physical bruises he caused me. But I know that some day I will get justice!

I really want to punish him for ruining my life and still planning how to go about messing his life up as well.



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