Marrying Him Was My Biggest Mistake In Life


Marrying Him Was My Biggest Mistake In Life

We all make mistakes in life, and there are some decisions that continue to hunt us for the rest of our life. My biggest mistake is marrying Daniel. You may never truly understand this until you have read my story.

Daniel and I never really got our relationship off the ground. He wasn’t the best suitor available at the time, but I guess I was too naïve to reason properly, and now I am paying dearly for it. My marriage is boring, and all I do is endure because marriage they say is ‘for better or worse.’

To cut the story short and to spare you the misery of having to read and read, accepting to marry Daniel was a big mistake because I thought things would change for the better as we grew into marriage. I didn’t like him that much, but I allowed myself to be convinced by Daniel’s friends who were also my colleagues at work. Things started quickly, and I allowed myself to be talked into marrying him because of the influence of a friend I had so much respect for.

Daniel in my opinion is too boring, and that in itself is not only making me sick, but is also killing our love life. I thought he could change, but things just keep getting worse. My husband doesn’t believe in going out. He doesn’t mark or celebrate birthdays. All he does is work since he is a chartered accountant by profession. He doesn’t even have time for cracking jokes around the home; what a boring fellow.

Daniel and men of his types seem to think that money is the only thing that makes a woman happy. They seem to believe that as long as they have provided money and other material things for their wives, the rest is not important. We have argued over his social lifestyle over and over, but he keeps telling me to either accept him that way or keep quiet.

Now I feel like I am stuck for life because divorce is out of it. How can I even justify my reasons for divorce? The society won’t even hear of it. It is difficult to convince friends and family that you want a divorce when it has to do with adultery let alone the kind of problem I am facing in my marriage.

This should be a big lesson to all women who think they can go into any marriage hoping to change a man or hoping that a man would change.

Dear readers, is it possible to transform my husband from a boring mate to an exciting and fun-loving partner?




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