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In Love With The Son Of My Father’s Worst Enemy?

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I don’t know what has influenced Cupid’s decision or action, but he seems to have shot his arrow at the wrong person this time around. How else do I explain the fact that I am now heads over heels in ‘love’ with the son of one of my dad’s worst enemy?

I had known Dozie since I was a kid, especially when we used to travel to our village in the eastern part of Nigeria during the yuletide season. My family and Dozie’s were like night and day at that time, and my parents never failed to warn us off from being friends with them. We were brought up to believe that Dozie’s family was not one to be mixed with. We were told all kinds of despicable things about them, which I wouldn’t want to go into for obvious reasons.

Despite the fact that I grew up hating Dozie and his family, we were never good at avoiding each other’s part as fate always brought us together in one way or the other. We attended the same boarding house in Owerri, and did our National Youth Service in Taraba State; though we did our primary assignments in different local governments.

The actual cause of the hatred that exists between my parents and Dozie’s parents still remains a mystery to every one of us—as if that mattered to any of us; after all, our parents won’t mislead us.


Is the hatred justified?

That question didn’t surface until about four months ago when this same Dozie helped me (unknowingly) to push through a job application in Lagos. According to what a member of staff of a company where I submitted my application letter told me, Dozie saw an envelope containing my CV, which must have dropped off while it was being collated along with other CVs, and dropped it at the HR department. He didn’t know whose CV was inside the envelope, the member of staff told me it was mine because she was the one who sorted it out. However, I didn’t get to know all these until after we were called for interview; and of course, Dozie was also there. The member of staff pointed him out in the crowd as the person who picked up my CV and brought it to the HR department. It was easier for her to know it was my CV that Dozie picked up from the floor because I was the only female called up for the interview.

My countenance about him has changed since then; especially when you consider the fact that God used him to highlight the danger of hating someone without a valid reason.

To cut the long story short, Dozie didn’t get the job, while I did. However, my mind has not stopped thinking about him since that day. Though, I felt bad that he didn’t get the job, I also felt relieved that we won’t be working in the same place since I won’t have to start worrying about how to start avoiding making contacts with him.

However, my interest in him has continued to wax stronger and stronger by the day. I have not set my eyes on him since the day of the interview; but the fact that he helped me has remained heavy in my heart. I am now beginning to see the positive sides of him; his looks, calmness, and composure. He is my type of man, but it is an impossible love—maybe.

I am dying to see him, and every time I go to work, my mind and eyes wonder through the roads to see if we could come across each other like in the past. It is one of those secrets you dare not share with your parents and siblings. When I told my mum that Dozie and I attended the same interview and he was not taken, she was so excited that she danced all the way to the living room.

I really wish I could see him; not to tell him that I love him because that will be a bit difficult; but just to relieve the pressure of the arrow that Cupid has shot into the very depth of my heart.

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