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Unanswered Questions

Is It Right For A Woman To Use Birth Control Pill Without The Knowledge Of Her Man?

1 Mins read

pillsSo many things can make a relationship come crashing on the ground. While most relationships have ended based on lying, cheating, and issues that have to do with money; did you know that some have come to an end because one partner chooses to take a decision without informing the other? Birth control pills for instance, are often preferred by ladies who feel they need to stay away from getting pregnant. In marriage, is it right for a woman to use birth control pill without the knowledge of her man?

Let’s assume you were searching for something in your bedroom, and suddenly come across some birth control pills in your partner’s handbag, how would you react? Would you confront her to find out what the pills were doing in her bag? Would you easily assume that she has been on pills, and has not been able to get pregnant for that reason?

As a woman, how would you react to such a situation? Would you consider taking a birth control pill without telling your husband? Will such a decision lead to breakup or divorce?

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