If This Is Marriage, Then I Would Rather Be In Hell



I have not been to hell before, but the stories being told about the place is one of torment and eternal regrets. Dear readers, my marriage is not different from a daily dose of torment, torture, and non-stop physical abuse from my husband.

If anyone had told me before marrying Dennis some eight years ago that he would turn into an agent of the devil overnight, I would have said no. How can a sane man call his wife a ‘lizard’ and all kinds of terrible names? The only way he reacts any time I complain or ask him not to call me such names is to hit me and turn me into a punching bag.

It is so sad because I don’t even know where I have gone wrong or precisely what I did to deserve all these tortures. The first signs of his inhumanity towards me started manifesting five years ago after our last child. Dennis left home two days after the baby was born and only came back home after a lot of pressure from his family. He never gave me or the kids any reason for abandoning us.

We have had series of family meetings to discuss this, but he keeps saying I didn’t offend him. My husband beats me, and even monitors my movement anytime I go out to visit my friends. Dennis doesn’t give us money to eat or buy things, yet he suspects me anytime he sees me spending money. I can’t even complain or protest the way he treats me and the kids because it ends up in extreme brutality.

Dennis now comes home with other ladies to pass the night in his room. He comes home with them at night, and leaves with them in the morning without even taking into consideration what our kids would feel.

Things are not getting any better as my parents too have forbidden me from packing my things and returning home to them. My parents practically forced me to marry Dennis against my wish. They stopped me from marrying the man I truly loved, and now they are preaching and sending me messages that marriage is a lifelong journey, and that Dennis will change someday. The question is: what offence did I commit to deserve this hell of a marriage?

I feel like running away, but I can’t cope with the pressure of taking care of two kids as I don’t have a job at the moment. I grew up in Aba, while my husband and I live in Port Harcourt. I don’t have friends, and no one to run to within the city. I just need advice on what to do, please help!


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