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I Lied About Being A Virgin To Scare Him, And Now He Has Proposed

2 Mins read

Dear Iyanda, I have found myself in a very hot soup as my fiancé is about to find out about all the lies I told him, especially being a virgin.

Five months ago after Fola asked me out, the only lie I could tell him in order to get him off my back especially in terms of asking me for sex was to tell him that no man had ever had sex with me. I lied to him because I had made up my mind that no man was ever going to sleep with me until I got married. I have had so many terrible experiences in the past, and my mind was made up that I wasn’t going to open my legs for any man no matter how convincing he sounded. Now things are about to get messy because Fola did not only buy into my lies, he even vowed to stay with me sex or no sex.

Just last week, he popped the special question by asking me to marry him. Though, I was filled with joy at his proposal, the fact that I lied to him about my virginity in order to protect my interest and scare him off at the time is about to send my world crashing to the ground.

I don’t even know what to do. Do I open up and tell him that I lied about my virginity in order to test his seriousness? What if he chooses to walk away from our relationship? Should I tell him after the wedding ceremony? What if he accuses me of playing on his intelligence? The truth is that I never thought Fola would fall for such a cheap lie because men hardly do these days; but here we are…

The worst is that people abandon their brides at the altar these days, and the fact that you choose not to tell your man about some secrets before the wedding day doesn’t mean he won’t dump you.

My friends too are confused, and this is not helping matters because everyone seems to be coming up with different suggestions. Dear Lord what should I do because Fola is desperately looking forward to that day when he would deflower me. He keeps bragging about it anytime he is with me. He never stops waxing lyrical about it, and believes that my mum deserves an award for bringing me up the right way.

The bubble is about to burst and I am freaking scared and nervous.

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