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I Can’t Express My Feelings, But I am Dying To Date Her.

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Can’t Express My Feelings, But I am Dying To Date Her


Dear readers, I am glad there is a blog like this that gives me the opportunity to express my feelings. The thing is, are there men out there just like me who really can’t express the way they feel about a woman? There is this girl I believe you guys out there can help me to settle down with. I love her so much, but I can’t seem to express my feelings for her. I am madly in love with Dayo, but how do I express my feelings to her? I can’t even bare to look at her face; oh dear!

I have had this problem since my boarding school days in Ilorin, Kwara state. I attended an all-boys boarding school where we were never given the chance to mix with the opposite sex. Even at home, my parents didn’t give birth to a single female, which kind of made things worse because it was always boys’ stuff all the time. So, I didn’t have a lot of female friends while growing up, and neither my brothers too. My parents too didn’t help matters as we were not given much opportunity to mix up with the opposite sex.

So, it was always difficult facing or confronting people of the opposite sex most of the time. I have lost count of number of girls that have passed me bye while growing up. I have met beautiful ones, cute ones, brilliant ones, intelligent ones, and so and so forth. I have lost too many good and pretty girls to shyness, and my parents are so worried that I might not be able to get married in time. My friends too have tried to help me on so many occasions in the past and even now. In case you want to know; I am still a virgin. I have never touched a woman before. Though, I have had ladies make passes at me; I still can’t get beyond the level of admiring them.

Do I have erections? Of course, yes, and there is no morning I don’t experience it when I wake up in the morning. I sweat profusely whenever I am left with a very beautiful and intimidating lady; and someone once said my problem is psychological. It gets worse sometimes because some ladies understand what I am going through; and they do their worst to intimidate me.

Aisha and I boarded the same bus from Race course (on the island, Lagos) to the Law School one morning. That was the first time we met; and I never stopped seeing her since then. We were both students of the Law School, and that means we will run into each other often as long as we remained in the school together. I never stopped admiring her since that time, and it’s like she had noticed me on so many occasions too.

I dream about her, I imagine a home with a woman as beautiful as Aisha, and all the kids we could raise together; but how do I make my feelings known to her? The thought that she could even be in a relationship scares me a lot, and it’s a thought I always want to brush away as soon as it crosses my mind. Aisha is always in the company of some ladies as well as two other guys. From what I gathered, she doesn’t have a boyfriend in the Law School, and this gives me some ray of hope.

Aisha is the closest female person to me aside from my mom. We greet each other with respect, and sometimes we walk along with each other; but it is so difficult to look at her face when we chat. We have exchanged mobile numbers, and that comes as a relief to me because we talk most of the time on phone.

Now we are out of the Law School, and I still haven’t told her I want to go out with her.

Will Aisha go the way other ladies have gone because of my shyness? How do I express my feelings to her?

We live in a society where the onus lies on the man to express his feelings or woo a woman; not the other way round.

Can someone out there give me practicable tips to woo this daughter of eve? I don’t mean tips to stop being shy because there is no time to master them all. I am facing an emergency right now, and I need to express my feelings to this woman.

Well,I do believe in miracles, who knows  maybe she is reading this at the moment.I pray she is .




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