How Do I Convince My Husband That I Need To Get A Job?


What’s with men and their ego? A woman spends sixteen years right from primary school down to the university only to be asked to stay at home and be a fulltime housewife—that’s the way of most African men. At least that’s what the next story you are about to read. It was sent in by a woman whose husband feels women shouldn’t be allowed to work from where he hails from…

All I want is a piece of advice from very serious and matured members of this blog on how to convince my husband that I need to get out there and find a job. Raphael strongly feels that getting a job is an indictment on him—he feels it sends the wrong signal to the rest of the world that he is not capable of providing for his family.

It is so terrible that even his mother doesn’t see any reason why I should work. Her own excuse is that women who work tend to cheat on their husbands with their bosses in the office. He argument is based on some of the Nollywood movies she has watched in the past.

I don’t have time for stories; but I need anyone who is going to advise me on how to go about this to understand that I am not a loose person. I also want to state and make it clear that my husband is buoyant enough to take care of his family; so it has nothing to do with money or lack of it. Having studied computer science at the university I find it appalling that a man who made so much promises about encouraging me in my career is now dancing to a different tune.

I love my husband and he loves me too; but I feel frustrated not being able to wake up in the morning and go to work like every normal people do. Sadly, and so annoying is the fact that my husband is also not convinced about setting up a business for me.

Please mature advice needed.


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