Help I am Obsessed With My Friend’s Daughter


Help I am Obsessed With My Friend’s Daughter

Please help me Iyanda as I feel overwhelmed by this obsessive feeling for my friend’s daughter.

Dele and I met at the university so many years ago where we both studied and graduated as lawyers. Since there was only one Law School, which was based in Lagos at that time, our friendship continued, and were both called to the bar the same day and year.

We worked briefly together until both of us went to separate cities to set up our chambers. As time went on, we didn’t see much of each other as we both got busy with our different endeavors. However, we never got too busy not to attend parties and other landmark occasions such as when he got married and when I also got married. Our friendship spanned over two decades, and since then some of our children have graduated with some still in the universities.

Dele has this young daughter who by the way is the only one studying law out of his children. Her name is Bisi and she is an undergraduate of a university in the state where my chamber is located. Her father personally brought her to my house when she secured admission and handed her over to me. His dad, Dele, trust me so much that he asked me to take good care of her just as I would my children.

I am ashamed to say this, but it is the truth; my friend’s daughter is one of the most beautiful ladies I have seen all my life. I fight this inner desire. I fight against this unusual attraction to fall for Bisi who is not even old enough to be the age mate of my last son. The feeling keeps getting stronger by the day, and I feel like I am helpless. Bisi too is not helping my case as she drops bye to say hello. She comes to the chamber on her way to school and sometimes on her way back from school. She sees me just the way she sees her father, but the truth is I am dying of obsession for her.

I take her out sometimes, and I even visit her in the hostel; but of course, I only do these things not because of the obsession I have for her, but because I also feel like I owe her a duty to look after her. The more I get close to her or she drops bye at the office, the feeling starts developing inside of me.

I don’t just want anything stupid to happen between the two of us, and that is why I yell at her and complain to her about the way she dresses. I tried to warn her about her dressing, of course, for my own good I have to be honest. That too is not working because she is such a very friendly and harmless young lady who just keeps saying to me: ‘you are just like my dad.’

Now I need your help before I damage my image. Please advise me on what to do.



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