Do Men Make Better Bosses Than Women?


Do Men Make Better Bosses Than Women?

Most people would have either worked with a male or female boss at one time or another , and it is sometimes difficult to know which one is better to work with or the one you would rather prefer as your boss.

People tend to have divergent views when it comes to giving an answer when a delicate question like this comes up. Some would argue in favour of a male boss while others would not hesitate to tell you how good a female boss is. Opinions are usually divided, and it is always a tough one when you have to give an answer.

Regardless . It might be an easy one for individuals who have worked with both sexes before, but it may not be as easy as you think when you have been treated fairly. However, it is a straightforward answer for individuals who have had some terrible experiences with their bosses in the past.

So to all those who have had the opportunity of working with both sexes at different times in the past; who makes a better boss between a man and a woman? As a female applicant would you rather work with a female boss or a male boss? As a male applicant would you rather work with a male boss or a female boss?



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