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As A Christian Or Muslim, Is Smoking Classified As A Sin?

1 Mins read

As A Christian Or Muslim, Is Smoking Classified As A Sin?

when you hear the word SMOKING what comes to mind?

Smoking is in different forms, be a cigarette, weed, tobacco or drug. So many bible passages and verses have been quoted to buttress the point that a Christian should not take alcohol. However, most arguments against smoking have not been able to point at a single biblical passage or verse to support why smoking is a sin or why a Christian should not smoke. What does the bible say about smoking? Does the bible condemn it? Is it against the biblical principle to smoke or against the doctrine of the Church?

While some would easily point to the stern warning that usually accompanies tobacco ads in the media, no one has been able to justify why a Christian should not smoke. However, there seems to be this notion that smoking is as much a sin as taking alcohol or committing any other sin the bible kicks against.

As a Muslim, what does the Quran say about smoking? Does it kick against it? Some Christians stop smoking as soon as they turn a new leaf and forsake their old way of living; but this decision is based on what they may have seen and heard from other matured Christians.

As a Christian or a Muslim, is smoking a sin?



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