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Unanswered Questions

Can You Marry A Lady “Arranged” By Your Parents?

1 Mins read

How many times have we heard that marriage is a lifetime commitment and thus require adequate preparation? It thus indicates that you can only travel on that journey and also enjoy it when you are accompanied by someone you love, trust, and happy with. These are basic things one cannot do without when it comes to finding the right person. Your partner is not only there to share your happy moments with you; he or she is also there to support you when things are not going according to plans. Having said all that; can you marry a lady you have never met before in your life, but arranged and recommended by your parents?
Will such union bring out the best in you? Is it not akin to walking in the dark with someone you barely ever know? What if the person doesn’t fit into the perfect plan you have about marriage?
As a matter of fact, parents used to arrange marriages for their sons in those days. Some of our parents got married to their partners based on the recommendation of their parents. Can you bow to the wishes if your parents by marrying a lady they recommend even if you have not met her once?

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