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Unanswered Questions

Can You Disown Your Child For Marrying Against Your Will?

1 Mins read

A lot of reasons are adduced by parents for disowning a child; but one of the reasons we want to take a critical look at is the merit or otherwise of disowning a child for going against our wish in marriage. As a parent, can you publicly disown your child for marrying someone you asked him or her not to get married to?

A scenario where a parent wants his son or daughter to get married to someone in particular could spell disaster if the child decides to defy his parent and marries someone else. If you found yourself in such a situation would you go ahead and publicly disown your child for such reason? Is the child eternally obliged to dance to every tune played by his parent? Is it even right for a parent to insist that his or her child should marry someone in particular just to please or sooth his or her ego? For the child, what are the consequences of being disowned by one’s parents? Does the child live with the consequences of that action for the rest of his life?

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