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Unanswered Questions

Can There Be A Lasting Marriage Without Trust?

1 Mins read

Can there be a lasting marriage without trust? How important is trust to the success of any marriage? Can you go ahead with a wedding even if you have some doubts about the person you are going to get married to? What makes trust between couples so fundamental especially when it comes to marriage?

Trust is one of the basic elements in marriage, but did you know that a lot of people still struggle to trust each other before and after getting married? In other words, people go into marriage sometimes not mindful of what might happen if they can earn the trust of the other person or if the other person in unable to earn their trust.

In relationships and other endeavours of life, people you hear all kinds of stories where people claim to do certain things because of reasons that have nothing to do with love. Some women are well aware that their partners are not trustworthy; but they just want to stick with them to keep their marriage intact. Such women endure all kinds of pressure and abuses—dying emotionally every day all in the name of marriage.

What happens if you don’t trust your man; would you still go ahead with the marriage?

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