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Bimpe’s Confession-My Story My Regret-Part 2

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Not all advice is worth it; as humans it is left to us to decide whether or not to accept someone’s words of “wisdom” or not. In my own case, my parents gave me all I needed, but failed to teach me how to reason on my own. Perhaps, I am a bit too harsh on myself and on my parents; but that is just the truth. I messed up by accepting a friend’s advice.

Yetunde (not real name) took me to an herbalist who asked me to come along with Olumide’s photograph as well as his mother’s name. Getting the picture wasn’t a problem, but the mother’s name was a bit difficult as she wasn’t living in Lagos at the time. But I was determined to get what I wanted, which I did, though with a lot of stress.

As luck would have it, the baba (herbalist) was able to join Olumide and I together in a way that still remains a mystery to me even as I write this. Whatever he did must have been very strong because Olumide started sticking to me like Bee and honey two days after I gave baba his photograph and the name of his mother. The charm or whatever the baba did didn’t turn Olumide to a vegetable at the time; but it completely swayed his love towards me.

Olumide’s girlfriend or fiancée at the time fought tooth and nail to keep his man, but all to no avail. Each time I discovered that she was threatening me and making efforts to find out what was happening, I would quickly rush to the baba’s place to tighten the noose on Olumide. Gradually Olumide’s fiancée gave up and we never saw her that much.

Olumide stuck to me like bread and butter and refused to give attention to any other lady. Though, people raised eyebrows especially with the way the guy suddenly turned from loving his fiancée; I didn’t care because I already got what I wanted. But things didn’t last (the love or lust I felt for him started dwindling after a few weeks) because Olumide started irritating me weeks after. I stopped liking him as he was way too low in class compared to other guys I had dated before. I soon discovered that there is nothing special about him.

There is nothing I do that angers him; and as a matter of fact he doesn’t complain or raise his voice whenever he sees or catches me cheating on him. I am always right, and he is always wrong. I think the baba gave him an overdose of whatever it was that he used in turning his attention towards me.

Now he wants marriage, but I don’t want it. His family members are a bit suspicious, but they don’t really care that much because they have a lot of respect for my family because we are rich.

My biggest regret in life is that the baba said Olumide may never become normal again even if he succeeds in breaking the charm that was used. I asked him to try all within his power, and the result is not something I am proud of as a woman because the guy looks lost and is acting like someone torn between two worlds.

Baba and I are still trying to find a way out of the quagmire, and we hope it won’t be long because I no longer sleep normally…

But this is not even the last of it because the option baba has given me is tasking and may tear my heart and sanity apart forever…

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