Being married to a godly person is no guarantee that she won’t let you down one day


Being married to a godly person is no guarantee that she won’t let you down one day. The fact that someone is not rich today doesn’t mean he won’t make it in life.

My name is Victor (not real name) and the shock that greeted me when I opened the door of my house towards the end of 2015 is one that will linger for a long time. Standing in front of my door was a woman who left me and ran away with another man; Monica left me with my precious little daughter some four years ago.

Life was tough for me after she took the decision to elope with another man. I wasn’t expecting it even though she kept complaining about some of the pains of going to be without food in her stomach. I didn’t think our marriage was going to be a short one until I got back home from my 15k a month salary job to find out that my wife had left home after dropping off our 2-year old daughter with a neighbour. It was tough for me as I cried and dried all through the night with no one to console me.

Monica was my all in all; a woman I married for various reasons including her high and Christian upbringing. It was too tough to deal with the reality dawning me in the face.

Now God has blessed me and my fame has spread far and near. He (God) has so blessed me with wealth and happiness, and the woman that left me because she thought I was hopeless has suddenly returned.

Though, I have not taken another wife, it doesn’t mean there is no interest in doing so someday. I am a true Christian true and through, and that is why I have been playing it cool; but I am human. My pastor asked me to keep it cool and not rush things. I am too scared to marry another woman because the bible charges us to remain that way; even though I wasn’t the one who drove Monica away from home. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I will accept her back into my life. Her chapter is forever closed; but the pressure from my church members is heavy.

So I am confused at the moment—do I listen to my pastor and Christian brethren that have been pleading on Monica’s behalf or do I just stay single and carry on with my life?


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