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Beaten Black and Blue By Nigerian Policeman

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It is a crazy country we truly live in. Yes, I was beaten black and blue by the people who are meant to be protecting lives of its citizens.

Memories of this day came flooding back because I had another close shave; just that things were milder this time around. Well, I am a true believer in the saying once beaten twice shy.

This happened years ago when I was in university. I was chilling at home with my baby sister, and trying to put a smile on her face; so I offered to take her for a drive and to buy her ice cream .It must have been around 7pm.Thank God it was dark.

We came across a makeshift checkpoint and we were told to pull over by one old policeman with red blood shot eyes. Initially I was a bit hesitant, but finally pulled over. He casually walked up to me and said, ‘young boy wetin you get for me?’I was irritated and he noticed it straight away. I just told him to get on with whatever he stopped me for.

Then his countenance changed, looking so mean all of a sudden, his voice became cold and he asked for my car papers and driving license .Thank God I had everything that day. He checked through the papers, while I had the car running, ac chilling, and music playing at the background.

He asked me to open the bonnet that he wanted to check the engine. Although I was upset at this point in time, I remained calm and opened it from the car without setting a foot outside. He went through the engine to cross match it with the vehicle details, but I knew he had no clue of what he was doing. He came back and this time around , he asked to see the boot. Now I busted out laughing because I knew he was trying to frustrate me and waste my time. Then I said to myself I wasn’t going to give in and by now I had made up my mind that this silly guy wasn’t going to get a dime from me.

I guess my laugher also got to him, because the next thing he said was that I should get out of the car. I asked for an explanation and he said, he wanted to conduct a stop and search .Now my sister was getting worried, but I just told her not to worry that I know how to deal with such people

No way, stop and search in front of my little sister that looks up to me? At that time I became fearless; and so I declined at first, but when I saw he was trying to force his way into the car, I was left with no other option, but to obey.

I stepped out of the car and gosh he told me to put my arms up in the air and he searched me like I was a drug dealer or some kind of shady dude.

He went through my wallet, searched the car, but he found nothing he could pin on me. My sister tried

explaining to him that we were students, who live around the corner and was just going to get some stuff. He just looked at my sister and told her to shut up and I warned him against that; and told him he had no right to talk to my sister anyhow.

Eventually, not having anything to hold me down for, he was very upset; I could tell by the way he was staring at me. He dropped the vehicle particulars on the hood of the car and called me stupid boy, and other names which I couldn’t be bothered about. I just busted out in laughter, but this time it was more audible and instructed my sister to get into the car.

As he turned I felt I needed to have the last say after wasting my time for nothing, I said ‘Oga at least u no get anything from me.’

Gosh, he turned around so fast and all I noticed after that was the pain across my cheek and close to my ear. For a minute, I wasn’t sure if I had gone deaf or not. I was shocked, but my reflex was fast and crazy. I lifted up my hand with the hope of retaliating, but I remembered the words of the wise man; my dad. He warned me never to get physical with people and most especially with my elders, I retraced my steps and I grabbed his shirt and pulled a little bit of skin with it so he could also feel the pain.

The old man let out a loud shout, which attracted his colleagues who were seated in the patrol van some meters away from us .They all rushed down to help him out. Before I could say , Jack Robinson, I felt the another slap, but  sometimes pain and pleasure do go hand in hand so I tightened my grip on his shirt, and wouldn’t let go initially, but after a while the slaps and blows were just too hot so I had to let go o. Before I knew it ,they were trying to drag me into the patrol van, from the corner of my eyes I could see my sister crying, begging them to let me go. In the commotion, I heard one of the policemen blurted out, “leave am o when he gets to the police station, and we tell them say na thief he go gentle.”

Immediately I became gentle o, trying to explain what happened, but they were not ready to listen. Unknown to me it was their ‘oga’ I just disrespected; na wa o!

Thank God for some passersby that noticed what happened, they walked over and tried to stop the policemen from taking me away but mere looking at me now, I looked like an armed robber. My designer shirt was torn in shreds, and I was looking dirty and all ruffled up big time.

At this stage I was already sober and was told to beg the old policeman. Of course, I really didn’t want to, but when I thought of the plan they had for me, I eventually apologized, but the damage was already done. Iyanda of all people, a boy about town, the happening guy got beaten black and blue by policemen for no good reason whatsoever.  See my life o!

I decided it was going to end there; I memorized the policeman’s name. It almost turned into something else when I was told to go, instead of saying thank you, I just whispered “I will be back”

Thoughts flooded my mind as I drove away .How do I plan my revenge? A bad inner voice which I believe must  have been be the  devil said , I should do hit n run, but the good voice said,  that would be too severe. Lmao, so I thought about using my military connection to teach him a lesson of his life but God intervened.  Lastly I thought of the area boys; maybe that would be nice to pay some guys to do the dirty job. I knew he wasn’t going to go free and I was surely going to get my revenge.

I drove home quietly still in denial of what had just happened. On getting home, I noticed my body was aching and,all swollen from the beating I got from the 3 cops, but my face wasn’t so bad besides my lips that had doubled in size.

I parked the car and while still accessing the damage, my sister ran inside to narrate our ordeal to our mum. I heard the sound of my dad’s horn, and went over to see him.

On sighting me from the back of his steering wheels, he screamed, opened the door and asked if I was ok. I was ordered to get into the car after telling him what happened. I thought he was taking me to the clinic. He asked me to be honest, he  questioned me about what happened and where the incident took place. He asked if I did hit the old man back and my answer was no, but wished I had o. lol

My dad drove straight to the check point, parked his car by the road side, stormed out of the car with the door closed behind him, and he just asked me which one of them did this to me. I eagerly pointed my five fingers at the old tarred looking policeman.

My dad walked up to him and before he could say a word, I witnessed the fastest, heaviest, hardest slap I ever witnessed in my life landed on this man’s face. The other policemen rushed over, and I said to myself, well, it’s my dad and I that will pass the night behind  the bar today.

My dad grabbed the man by his trousers like when you catch a thief and don’t want him to escape .He was ordered to get into the car. The cop started begging straight away, but my dad said it was very inhuman of him to treat anyone like this let alone his son. Wow! I was so happy, grinning, and smiling so much, pacing up and down like ‘didn’t I tell you I was coming back.’ I was smiling like I just won a contest.

The man kept begging with his colleagues, but my dad told him to obey first and get into our car, which he eventually did .He locked the back door, and asked me if the others were involved .

You should have seen their faces and they changed the story immediately, they told my dad they were only trying to settle the matter . I told him they were all involved and he told me to get a pen and paper and take their names and police id number. O! boy I never knew police ‘dey fear like this o.’ They all started begging and my dad told me to get into the car and made an attempt to drive off but people were begging and the old man was almost in tears, not knowing where he was going to end up .My dad kept telling him he would never treat anyone like this again in his life. I just grinned from ear to ear with what was left of my swollen face.

Eventually my dad gave in, scolded him and lectured him never to treat anyone like this again, took his details and the man later apologized to me, which was awesome.

I looked at the man , brimming with so much joy and I teased the man that I warned you I will be back , now u are shaking like a small boy , but I didn’t let my dad hear that o.

I was told to get into the car and I looked at my dad, gosh, I felt so grateful and thankful that he was right there for me when I needed him the most.

On our way home, I thanked him and he told me never to argue with policemen especially a man carrying a gun. He said anything could have gone wrong.

I summoned enough courage to ask where he was planning on taking the cop to and he just smiled and said he didn’t have a clue and didn’t know what he was doing at that point in time that one day I would understand that no one dare mess with your children for no just course no matter who they are.

Well, lesson learnt, even if it was the hard way. I have been avoiding police; at least not until about a week later. However, something did happen a week after the incidence, but this time around my dad was not there to bail me out, and neither was my mom. This time around, it was just the three of us; God, the Police, and yours truly.

I have since been very calm ,anytime I come in contact with ‘robbers; ‘I mean policemen especially at night .

Be gentle, Obey first and complain later. Take it easy, life is short!

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