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Advice On Romance

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In these modern times, there seems to be infinite sources for people seeking romance advice. Women have many sources at their disposal – friends, the Internet or the various selections of women’s magazines on offer, readily doling out tips on how to infuse more romance into a relationship. For men, though, finding sources of trustworthy and relevant romance advice can be harder to come by. Men don’t usually compare notes with their friends about how to be more romantic. They may search the Internet or flip through magazines in the airport departure lounge, but most likely men a lot more independent when it comes to asking or receiving advice about women.


Being romantic can mean all kinds of things in our current culture, and the medieval times of knights, chivalry and ladies may be long gone, though elements still remain. Being heroic, poetic and sentimental all play a part in the grand tableau of romance, but it can come in many shapes and forms. Covering a bed full of roses, drawing a bath by candlelight, making a sumptuous feast, booking a weekend away – all of these things are pieces of romance advice that we have picked up along the way.


For many people, getting romance advice may seem ridiculous, but for others it is critical. Some people have never done anything remotely sentimental before; and then they are suddenly confronted with a partner who appreciates the remembrance of dates, loves dinners and enjoys surprise gifts. It may be a shock and they may need help.


For men and women looking for ways to ignite romance in their lives, there are some basic tips that can be followed. For one, romance is something that can be spontaneous or created, but ultimately results in creating an atmosphere where a person feels loved and desired. The best romance advice I think I have heard is to be creative and inventive: think of new ways to show your partner how much you care for them. The same old flowers or box of chocolates may start to get old after a woman receives them on the same day every year. The element of surprise, but also of ingenuity, can really be a valuable piece of romance advice.


Finding the time to show someone that you are willing to do something romantic, idealized and even a bit exaggerated, can make them feel special. If someone gives you romance advice that you don’t feel comfortable doing (like serenading your partner outside her work building dressed as a giant rose), then it is probably safe to say that you shouldn’t do it. A woman, or a man, will really feel that you have meant everything if you enjoy your attempts and care about the end result. The best romance advice any one can give is just to say have fun, and get started.

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