5 Reasons Why Cohabiting Could Ruin Your Relationship


Cohabiting is gradually becoming a very common thing in our society today. A lot of couples have come to embrace staying or living together under one roof as a means of getting to know each other before marriage. They (couples) are of the strongest view that it (cohabiting) helps to nature relationship, and find out more facts about each other. However, cohabiting leaves most couples with a bad taste in the mouth at the end of the day. Here are five reasons why cohabiting could ruin your relationship:

  1. It could ruin your reputation before marriage: Unlike what a lot of ladies expect, cohabiting could ruin their reputation as it gradually devalues their worth in the eyes of their partner. I mean you have virtually nothing new to show to a man who sees you every day of his life—he soon gets tired of you and could start exploring new adventures.
  2. It doesn’t stop him from cheating on you: With all your hopes placed on him because you are confident that he won’t be bring another woman into the house—suddenly you get a hint that he is already playing a fast one on you by seeing someone else in a neutral venue.
  3. It increases chances of divorce: You have nothing new to prove to the man, and so soon he is already picking holes in everything you do because you are boring to him.
  4. It makes you become possessive: Let’s get things straight—you probably moved in with him because you can’t stand him living alone. Moving in with a man before marriage is like a vote or no confidence because you feel cohabiting with him will stop other women from coming to visit him.
  5. It encourages the “babymama” syndrome: What if you had a fight over keeping a pregnancy contrary to what he wants? A man could kick you out of his house when you get pregnant and ask you to move back to your parent’s house while he thinks over whether he wants an immediate wedding or not—if this happens, then you are left ruing your luck because he might decide not to marry you. This leaves you with the responsibility of raising a child on your own—a babymama as we all call it these days.


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