Would You Accept Getting Pregnant As A Pre Condition For Getting Married?


Marriage to different people means different things; and that is why they would do all their best to safeguard it. Due to the high rate of broken marriages and the high rate of women still seeking for their first babies to be born after many years of marriage, some men insist on getting their partners pregnant as a pre condition to taking them to the altar. This is very common in the society these days, and while some ladies are against it, others don’t see anything wrong with it.

If your fiancé insists that you must get pregnant before he takes you to the altar, would you say yes. As a Christian or a Muslim, would you subscribe to such an idea? Would you be willing to risk losing your partner by saying no to such a proposal and standing your ground or would you accept what your fiancé said and go ahead to get pregnant just to please him?

What could make a man to insist that his fiancée gets pregnant before taking her to the altar? Does this have anything to do with fear of not being able to have a child after the wedding?


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