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Wonders Shall Never End

3 Mins read

I have heard of prayer points and people asking to be prayed for but i was perplexed with this prayer request. It was a prayer request by a gal who wanted to be successful in a chosen career .You really dont want to know what line of business she needed special prayer for

Wonders shall truly never end o! Imagine I witnessed a lovely girl who has been prayed for to be very successful in a chose career. I was opportuned to be present in the church in a beautiful city called holy land. It was during one of those mid-week services, i noticed this very light skinned girl. Gosh she was stunning.

Even though she had a white garment on all i could see was her curves, she had such a captivating smile. I couldn’t stop staring at her and tried to caution myself because i was in church.

There was a lot of dancing that was when I noticed her figure more. Her dancing stood out; moving to the beats of the drums like she was dancing to R & B.

Well maybe it was just my own imagination. My mind drifted off briefly because I had to control myself and asked for forgiveness because of my thoughts.

Going back to the girl in question, I eventually had the opportunity to meet her after church. We got talking and gosh I wouldn’t give her a minute kept asking question after question. She managed to answer all, one which was ‘what do you do?’ she replied and said she will tell me later.

I walked her to the station, told her I thought she was very attractive and with this welcoming smile, she said ‘don’t worry you can and will see me as much as you can’.

About a day later, she told she was going away for a day or two but after much pressure, she said she had to spend some days in the church for special prayers and she eventually told me it was pertaining to her job that things have been slow.

I was tripped and happy that she was God-fearing so I just laughed it off and told her to pray for me.

I didn’t get to see her or speak to her for about 5 days and was just looking forward to seeing her again and waited patiently.

As mentioned earlier, I was in the beautiful city of Holland. I decided to take a walk with a friend to some nice bars and club. It was a night crawling thing.

We ended up in the street of Amsterdam and we were busy admiring the girls trying to see and make the best of the nite. I cant remember how or why we ended up in the most beautiful place in Holland ….hahahahaha .Well your guess is as good as mine for people who have been to Holland .

I was carried away with the lifestyle , booze , activities going on around me and i was so high from the smell of weed since it was legal in Holland and we just kept chatting and checking out the girls.

Here and behold I just saw my dream girl docked in a glass closet. Almost totally bare, she almost fainted as well. Gosh I was so shocked, my friend had to tap me on the shoulders and said gosh what a beautiful girl and asked if I knew her.

It was then it occurred to me she was in fact a prostitute and she came to the church to pray for more clients. I walked away and started laughing wasn’t sure why I was laughing.

Maybe the thought of seeing my dream girl or maybe seeing her in church and went through special prayers to get a boost in her career or finally maybe I asked myself how I found myself in the middle of the night in RED LIGHT DISTRICT. But as i said i was just on holiday and visited few places…….laughing out loud

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