In today’s world, there are so many people who wants to make something of themselves. Every one wants to attain success, we seek inspirations everyday.


Some of us have amazing talents, others don’t or couldn’t figure it out. But what really speak success? Is it having the most amazing talent? Or is it the power to utilize that which is in your hand?


I was reading an article of a friend about some couple of days ago, he said, “some of us have a lot, but do little, others have little, but do more.” The power of utility does not have a compromising factor, it is either you do with utility or nothing.


But even in utility lies another greater tool that turns things around for anyone, even the one that has “little”; it is the consistent use of what you have—It is the day by day, non-stop, usage of what you have that counts the most.


Even Benjamin Hardly understand this discipline called Consistency,


“Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to becoming the person you want to be.”


Anybody can cultivate this discipline.




It is the most effective strategy to out run, to outperform, to outsmart the toughest of people.

You just need to be consistent.


“Success comes through sustained effort. (The key word in that sentence is not ‘effort.’ It’s ‘sustained.’)” -Todd Brison


Now listen, if there’s a ditector that tells you you’ll have to send 80 emails before you get your first client, wouldn’t you do it?

Or if there was a ditector that tells you you’ll have to make posts 90 times before you get noticed, wouldn’t you keep at it?


Reality is seemingly like that, only that there’s no guaranteed ditector, you just have to keep giving shots.


Most people wouldn’t do the work.


You don’t find consistent people everywhere; that act builds trust and gives you recognition, why wouldn’t you be given attention when you keep disturbing? If you persist, you beat any talent, skill, luck… The more consistent you are the more chances of opportunities you create.


No one wants to keep at something that isn’t productive; you keep doing one thing over and over again just to get attention, just to be where you want be. It’s boring, that is why consistent people are rare.


What ever you keep doing you get better at, good or bad, and you become known for, then trust creeps in.


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