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Unanswered Questions

Which Is Easier To Work With— Male Or Female Boss?

1 Mins read

While this question is relative; one cannot deny the fact that we have our preferences based on certain things we have encountered in the past or currently encountering where we work. Which of the two genders would you rather have as a boss in the office or place of work? Would you rather have a woman as your boss or a man as your boss?

For those who have never worked with a female boss before, this question might not matter much to you at the moment; but it will interest you to know that it might be your turn to work with or under a woman higher in rank than you one of these days. So this presents you an opportunity to know how it feels like working with a woman higher than you in terms of hierarchy. It is not a bad idea to learn or find out from others how it feels like working for a female or male boss.

In terms of ego, some men would rather not work with a female boss if they are allowed to choose who to work with. Some women too would rather have a woman as a boss because they fear sexual harassment.

So let’s hear what you have to say about this…

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